My name is Reuben Singh. I am in the lead industry since last 6 years. I know how hard it is to find REAL lead Vendors now a days, and hence I present you myself :). WHY? You will surely ask why am I a real vendor and
not a fraud or a scammer? The reason is very simple! I want REPEAT  business not just one time bite, plus I work for NAME and this is most important for me, as due to this reason I get advertised too! YES – by word of mouth.

Many of my clients in return refer me to their friends and they in return refer me to their friends and so the chain goes on! NOW you see why I do not scam? When I am earning so much fame and residual income what is the need?
There is another reason WHY I get repeat business…I NEVER RESELL my leads and always provide FRESH data or leads.

I have same phone number since last 5 years, same skype id, same facebook account, same Linkedin id.

For your convenience I am providing all the above information below :

Phone #: +919956815765

Skype ID: freelancerseo4all

Facebook page:  (please like it if you want to)

Linkedin profile URL:

I also have one more property and owner of website :

Thats all about me. Thanks for giving time to read this and stopping by. Happy Calling!