Buy Consumer Data Lists

Determining the target audience for specified campaigns: make your message reach out to the right people.

Looking for authentic email addresses along with postal addresses, and phone numbers? Well, there exists numerous contrasting combinations in order to customize and avail the perfect list of consumers for your varying needs of marketing research, and sales.

You are not willing to spend money to reach out audience which is frigid and unresponsive? Then buy consumer data lists from us and you will never have to face those unresponsive audiences anymore. We will help you out in targeting your message encompassing valuable consumers which will result in improving your ROI along with your conversion rates for the very next campaign.

Elect from diverse criteria depicted below:

  • Geography
  • Interests/Hobbies
  • Income
  • Age
  • Homeowner vs Renter
  • Religion and Ethnicity
  • Past Purchase History

And much more…

How do we build and update our consumer data lists ?

You might be interested in knowing a bit about this part to ensure that the customer data lists you are about to buy are the genuine ones. Usually, our consumer data is extracted from the national database i.e. highly authentic source, roughly encompassing 242 million names, their postal addresses as well as telephone numbers.

Post to this, we perform an overlay to figure out the most complaint database of email addresses, aggregated from a number of sources. What this exactly mean? We commend the extracted database with our intrinsic proprietary email list including consumers who have already opted for us. Thus, you don’t need to think twice before contacting consumers as they are the ones who have already permitted to get in touch with you and your services.

And the key advantage is after every 60 days we keep on comparing our data with the from the sources. If in case any amendments are done, we update our database ensuring we provide you with as accurate as possible information.

On a monthly basis, we acquire approximately 15 to 20 million email addresses which are further used to verify our lists. That is why you can expect the best and highest quality leads from us.


Target Consumers using our complex selections:

  • Geographical Location: Select the consumer mailing lists based on geographical location i.e. territory you might need. Make a selection based on state, country, metropolitan area along with ZIP Code and, for sure, the whole United States. Opting this criterion usually makes targeting the consumer market quite easier, within the locations specifically where your customers reside.
  • Age: Selection of your sales leads encompassing the target market on the basis of age grouping demographics. As an example, narrow down the list based on USA Old Age Customer data lists or you can say consumers falling in the age group of 50-60. If you are well-known to the target demographic, then this criterion will be very helpful.
  • Income Level: Select by relevant income levels- which match your business needs along with the business’s target demographic. For instance, select consumers having an annual income of $200,000 on a yearly basis.
  • Ethnicity: We provide our customers with consumer data vendors, multiple consumer mailing list as well as sales lead selections thoroughly based upon general ethnicity. Such selection criteria are quite helpful for the target market or we can say overall consumer demographic.
  • Health Conditions: We even offer selections based on health conditions. These consumer data list the consumers having specific healthcare needs. This selection generally includes health conditions such as allergy sufferers, mobility issues, Diabetes, cholesterol focused, disabled consumers, and many more.


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