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Get the Free Telemarketing Leads

Telemarketing is the process of calling potential customers to promote a product or service. It’s an effective way for businesses to reach out and make contact with new clients. But how do you get these leads? This article will help you find the best telemarketing leads suppliers or data leads provider, as well as provide some tips on maximizing your results.


Methods of Generating Telemarketing Lead List For Free


  • Search for the name and phone number on the internet.
  • Request a list from your state’s department of motor vehicles or secretary of state office.
  • Ask people in person who you know to provide their contact information when they purchase something, donate money, participate in an event or otherwise interact with your company.


The above-mentioned points are some basic things that can be followed while generating free leads. But by using that method people can get a very less amount of leads. To get leads for a long time people can follow the below-mentioned steps and can generate free telemarketing leads.


Generating Telemarketing Lead List Using Google Maps

People might doubt that how maps help in generating telemarketing leads? But the truth is that google maps are widely used by many professionals to generate leads in many companies and it’s been a successful formula for many telemarketing executives to convert leads into successful sales.

By using location services google maps act as a data leads provider. So Google maps are no longer said to be an app that is used only for navigating purposes. But how is it possible? Google maps use location services and generate telemarketing leads for various industries.


Generating Telemarketing Leads Based On Location:

Generating leads using the location displayed is an easy task. If you search for electricians in desired locations then Google will let you see the list of electricians on the left side of the page and the locations for that electricians will be displayed in the maps. All the details about that particular electrician will be displayed on the left side and the bottom pages.

People can get to know about the work location, work timings, area code, business numbers and almost all the details including the URL of that company will be displayed after clicking a particular company’s name. Before this page people can see multiple pages and customer ratings.

On the companies page, people can see whether the company is open for 24 hours and they can also see whether the company is working even on weekends or not. By clicking on the maps button and followed by directions, google will navigate you to that particular location by showing the correct directions.

So in this manner, Google helps in finding the right electrician and this can also be taken as leads for your company. For converting them into leads, people can enter the company details by clicking on each company’s name and after that copy-pasting each company’s details in the database or an excel sheet in which your company prefers to copy all the details.

This process is a hectic task because people have to work manually copy-pasting each lead into the database, so there are some possibilities for entering wrong data into the database, because some datas will be entered. So in this situation, some software can help companies in extracting contacts and details from google.

In this way, google maps help people in generating telemarketing leads. But some people may prefer to buy telemarketing leads but it will be a bit expensive for startup companies and small industries, so for them, the free telemarketing leads provided by google act as a lead generator.

Other than Google, many companies and software are providing free leads for a particular time so that startup companies can also prefer to get free leads from those companies to increase their sales. Some of the companies and software are listed below!


  • The first software in our list is bitrix24 which is used by many companies to generate free leads. Bitrix24 itself has lots of software for capturing leads and converting them into successful sales. So people can prefer to use this software for free lead generation for a particular period.
  • Lusha is the second tool in our list, accessing emails and phone numbers of the leads has been made easy by Lusha. People can try using this tool for free initially.
  • Typeforms can also help people in converting visitors into leads. Usually, this software can help people to obtain leads by starting a friendly relationship by sending emails and other messages so people can get some leads.


The Bottom Line

Hope this article has provided sufficient information for getting free leads using various platforms. People can read this article and can get a clear idea of how to generate free leads! Thank you for reading this article.


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