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US homeowners list, a must have for any BPO

US homeowner list is a must have for any BPO or call center industry. The reason is that it is a set of opt in landlines where people are looking for to buy some products or services. As they are Homeowners then the decision making will be very easy for them.

As for any BPO data is a very important tool through which they can generate revenue and if they have US homeowners list then that is a Goldmine for them. Since the list consists of landline numbers hence the customer’s will not only be able to pick the call also if they need to use a cellphone for any other purpose, like phone banking to purchase your services, they can do that easily do that!

Now when one said that this list is Goldmine then it is, in reality, a Goldmine, as it not only has phone numbers, but it also has the customer’s age, customer’s income, if they shop online, if they have pet, and so on. It has about 50 odd headers through which you can really market your services. It has their income and credit score too so that if you are looking for people who might need loan then you can filter them by people who have low income. If you are looking to sell and product like solar panels then you can filter the data with people who have high income!

If you are an ISP and looking to sell your Internet services then you can filter data with people who are technical or who have technical interests or have purchased products online. Same thing for Clients who have any online business they can filter the data with people who have purchased anything online.

Since all data consists of people who are consumers and USA homeowners hence this list will work like a charm for any call center or BPO.The connectivity and accuracy of this data is awesome and any center will really love to have this arsenal in their inventory. Hence this is a must have data or list to dial in United States of America and grow once ROI by selling their products or services.

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